Word Balloon tips and tricks



*Space Intensifies*

1) Thor’s Helmet

2) Milky Way as seen over the Rocky Mountains

3) Andromeda’s actual size if it was brighter

4) Hella clear picture of Mercury

5) Russian Space Station (Mir) back-dropped against Earth

The universe blows my mind.


Trying to relieve some stress by doodling…

I think it’s cute that they added modern technology in the remake.


Ghost in the Shell by Martin Ansin / Twitter

24” X 36” screen print, numbered edition of 375. Foil Variant was available at Mondo-Con in Austin, TX.


Transparent Kuranosuke & Tsukimi

free to use (you can resize/crop them however you like) 
no credit necessary but please don’t claim as your own 


frick omg I tried to do a One Piece charm set with the whole strawhat crew because I was feeling intense OP feels one day but THEN I RAN OUT OF TIME AND ONLY DID CHOPPER AND ROBIN IM SO SORRY i dindt even do the main character hol hysit.